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The plot layout for my upcoming story is actually longer than most of my actual stories, and this one is PACKED with raunchy smelly love!
They weren't kidding when they promised 60 hour work weeks...
Send me a note about your day, your thoughts, secrets, anything! I can't sleep tonight
College grad, oh yeah!!! Now if only someone would pay me 30K to write fetish stories for a living...
Hi everyone!

I will no longer be posting fetish material on this page in the near future due to some disturbing things being sent my way via notes. Specifically user thatlad (who yesterday was listed as a male from ireland and today is all of the sudden a woman from the United States claiming to be a lesbian) has been rude, disrespecful and just plain nasty. I am a very open person and I have a lot of patience for fetish users if they are curious, but thatlad has been nothing but terrible to me. He constantly harrasses me to find him a girlfriend, roleplay, and forces me to tell him things he can get off to evenwhen I tell him he's making me uncomfortable. Recently he stole a picture fof a model to pretend to be, which I've always been completely against. You just don't do that to someone! I absolutely will not indulge users like this and for that reason I will from here on out be taking personalized requests via notes!

The rules are simple! Do you have an idea, character or scenario you'd like to see come to life in a short story? Send me some details and I can try to have something sent over your way va notes! It's completely your property from that point forward, so post it on your page, other sites, or just keep it for yourself as you see fit! Do you want a collaboration? I would love to work with you as long as it's posted on your page rather than mine!

Thank you everyone else who have been nothing but friendly to me!

Ps: I may have one last thing posted on my birthday on October 11th, so stay tuned!

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United States
Hiya! If you're reading this then you're probably here for my stories!

I'm Taylor and I am a writer that mainly works with fetish material. I recently moved over to this account from xNotSoFragilex in case you're familiar with any of my older pieces. I typically write fictitious short stories involving (but not limited to) farting. I always appreciate messages and I welcome any suggestions you have! Shoot me a note if you're brave enough!

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Haha, well thanks for posting such great work! I'm looking forward to seeing more when it comes along!
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