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Send me a note about your day, your thoughts, secrets, anything! I can't sleep tonight
College grad, oh yeah!!! Now if only someone would pay me 30K to write fetish stories for a living...
After years of fighting myself, I'm not ashamed anymore. I spent years talking to others about their fetishes and telling them that there is nothing wrong with who they are, but the entire time I couldn't get myself to believe that about myself. I never talked about it to anyone until recently, but I'm into some pretty fucked up stuff. Even so, I'm still me. I'll always be Taylor and nothing can ever change that. And maybe someday I'll be able to tell someone I love that I'm different and he won't push away, but before that I have to learn to love myself for all that I am first.

With that said, I'm finishing my hiatus and I've been working on new material to be posted. The past few weeks I've been working with other artists on my writing and I really learned so much! I lost the love for writing fetish stories and it was showing. I have to confess that I did finish multiple stories for Fetish February, but couldn't bring myself to post that garbage. As crude as it sounds, writing fetish stories was like having sex when you weren't turned on. I just wanted to get them over with, so the quality suffered tremendously. Going through a boot camp with other fetish authors here helped me get over that and I really couldn't be more grateful.

My immediate project is a series titled "Hypersexual" and I'm excited about it. It's a combination of the typical fart fetish I usually write about and my own personal kink. I have the plot and dialogue for the first submission complete and I'm looking to finish it up this weekend. I have the next few days in the apartment to myself, so I'm dedicating a lot of it to the series.

Anyways, this isn't the first time I promised submissions to be posted in the near future; I've broken that promise many times over the past year. If I can't stand by my word this time, I'll delete my account. Someone has to light the fire under my ass, there are no more excuses at this point!

Thank you everyone who's been there for me recently! I couldn't ask for better friends :heart:



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United States
Hiya! If you're reading this then you're probably here for my stories!

I'm Taylor and I am a writer that mainly works with fetish material. I recently moved over to this account from xNotSoFragilex in case you're familiar with any of my older pieces. I typically write fictitious short stories involving (but not limited to) farting. I always appreciate messages and I welcome any suggestions you have! Shoot me a note if you're brave enough!

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